Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Schenley Park Course

MGB Classics LLC
The heart behind MGB Classics LLC is Christopher Longo. Chris has been restoring MGs(mainly MGBs and MGB GTs) for over two decades and he enjoys restoring these British sports cars into works of art. Chris also has the help of his father, Vince Sr. Vince is a master tailor when it comes to full custom designed interiors that can only be found in our restorations. We pride ourselves on the amount of detail that goes into each and every one of our restorations.

About MGB Classics LLC
MGB Classics LLC build all types of MGBs and MGB GTs from mild upgrades to extreme V8 engines. Attention to detail is what makes our cars so special and shine a little brighter than any others. We add special touches that were not available on most MGBs when they came from the factory. Things like custom MG logo floor mats, polished windshield frames, and custom matched interiors that offset the exterior color of choice. We upgrade the fuel systems, usually Weber carbs for the 4 cylinders, and Edlebrock 4 barrel carbs for the Rover V8s. Electronic ignitions/distributors are installed so they are much more enjoyable and more importantly, reliable to drive.

"Your attention to detail and workmanship are amazing. I have had several oldies and this takes the cake. Thank you for being so honest and patient with me. Guess we still can trust people! Well done!" ~John Feole, MD (1973 MGB GT)

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